LNG Dispenser

Fast and accurate LNG Fueling

  • supplied ready for mounting onto a standard pump island
  • average fueling time: only 3 min/450l
  • measurement accuracy better than 0.25%
  • card-operated and/or self-service operation
  • can be supplied as part of a mobile or stationary LNG fueling station
  • MID approved
  • digital display showing price, amount of gas in kg and price per kg
  • recycling of boil-off gas for a low pollution rate

FLOW's Dynaflow 3000 LNG Dispenser is specifically designed and proven for fast, accurate and reliable fueling of trucks and city buses.

The System includes a mass flow meter, complete with European type approval based on MID (Measuring Instrument Directive).
Dynaflow 3000 provides operators with accurate, real-time dynamic density measurement, which assures a very precise mass flow calculation. Every dispenser is equipped with a quick-connect LNG nozzle and compressed air cleaning connection.
Metering components are electronically and mechanically pre-tested and factory calibrated. On site performance tests validate that the process performances of the refueling stations are met.
Dynaflow 3000 complies fully with ATEX safety requirements.

Fields of application: LNG-Dispenser, Truck-Filling, Ship-Filling, IMC-Station, Transport

Each device can be tailored technologically according to customer requirements and branded accordingly.

Integrated connectors to our Mastermeter device ensure simple, fast and accurate calibration.