CO2 Storage Tanks

CO2 storage tanks optimized for carbonated beverages

FLOW CO2 Storage Tanks are bulk CO2 Systems optimized for the carbonated beverage and swimming pool markets through the application of space-saving tanks, to replace bulky high-pressure cylinders, with flow rates to meet the demands of high-volume applications. Additionally, FLOW CO2 Storage Tanks are equipped with a proprietary vacuum isolation to ensure greater efficiency over a longer period.

To fit the needs of your business, our tanks are available in a range of sizes.

  • replace bulky high-pressure cylinders
  • efficient gas withdrawal system supplies CO2 up to 5,0 kg/hr (Carbo-Matic 450) or 7,0 kg/hr (Carbo-Matic 625)
  • stationary vessel-system made of 100% stainless steel
  • no electricity needed for dispensing
  • space-saving: Each system requires only 0,3 m2 of floor space