CO2 Delivery Units

Reaching every customer

  • compact design facilitates transport in residential and downtown areas
  • quiet delivery operation
  • very short filling time (200kg/6min)
  • safety cut-off prevents overfilling of customers tank
  • FLOW meter with European type approval based on MID
  • exchangeable distribution tank
  • 24V DC or 12V DC power supply
  • metering section located inside the tank, accuracy better than +/- 1,5%

Our FLOW MiniBulk Distribution System (MBDS) is a CO2 delivery unit for the refilling of our stationary CO2 Tanks. As these tanks often are installed in the city centers and residential neighborhoods, they cannot easily be refilled by conventional road tankers: The vehicles are too big to enter narrow roads and alleys, whereas FLOW MBDS can be placed in small pick-up trucks to ensure that we reach every customer.
Every MBDS consists of an exchangeable distribution tank, a pressure builder system and a FLOW Meter System. The proprietary FLOW pressure building system dispenses without a pump for low-noise filling, another important consideration for your business' relationship with the local community.