Analox CO2 Monitoring

ANALOX Sensor Technology CO2 Monitoring Systems

The ANALOX CO2 Monitoring System is a precise instrument that provides continuous, accurate monitoring of CO2 levels to ensure a safe working environment for your employees, suppliers and yourself. The proven system is installed worldwide in more than 80,000 units.

The Ax60+ is a wall-mountable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector that continuously monitors the CO2 level in areas potentially vulnerable to gas leakage. It is mainly utilized in the gastronomy and beverage industry. Typical fields of application are for example fast food restaurants, pubs, wineries and kitchens, but also swimming pools. The Ax60+ monitor has been approved by the McDonald’s Corporation’s ‘Restaurant Solutions Group’ and is installed in McDonald’s restaurants all over the world.

Where to install?
The central display is wall-mounted in an expedient location such as an office and connected to one or multiple sensors in areas at risk. Like this, the entire building can constantly be monitored with the help of only one central display. Each sensor is connected to one or several alarm units to ensure that everybody is warned in case of potential dangers.

Ax60+ Product Advantages

  • Modular multi-point CO2 detector
  • One central unit, up to 4 CO2 sensors and 8 alarms that make the monitoring of remote areas possible
  • Central unit is located outside the danger zone
  • Low maintenance system with 5-year warranty on sensor and electronics
  • Accessories such as sensor protection guard, sensor splash guard, manager’s office beacon and junction box mounting kit
  • Approvals: CE, EN50270, IEC 61010 (UL), DIN 6653 (TUV)
  • Alarm set point individually adjustable

Power requirements: 230 V AC
Max. mounting height: normal working head height
Min. mounting height: 0.45 m

Please note: CO2 repeaters need to be mounted wherever the alarm can be heard and seen without entering the room, in which the increased gas values are detected.