Stationary Systems

Accurate filling guaranteed with our FLOW measurement systems

  • no moving parts
  • no wastage
  • lifetime-warranty on metering section
  • high accuracy

Our FLOW Metering Systems can be installed in stationary applications, for example filling stations. Flow rates are calculated by measuring the pressure difference in the metering section and comparing the pressure ratios. The difference between the two data points and the medium's temperature is used to calculate the flow rate.
As the metering sections of FLOW Metering Systems do not contain any moving parts, they are maintenance free and come with a lifetime warranty.

Our devices are ideally suited to numerous media including liquefied air gases, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid fuel gases, liquid hydrogen and nitrous oxide. With our regular FLOW Metering systems, flow rates from 1000 to 70000 kg (2200 pounds to 154000 pounds per hour) are measured as standard. Custom sizes, according to the needs of your business, are available on request.