Our Company

Experts in Flow-Measurement – since 1981

FLOW Instruments was founded in Duesseldorf, Germany in 1981 by two engineers. Today, we are located in Monheim am Rhein, Germany, with 35 employees. In 2008 we became part of Chart Industries and our collaboration with our colleagues is your guarantee of continued technical excellence and global sales and engineering support.

Every year, we produce approx. 1000 of our durable, reliant and efficient Measuring Systems for cryogenics and CO2 and undertake more than 3000 calibrations at our customer's sites. For these reasons, we hold the highest market share in Germany and Europe - and our product quality assurance 'Made in Germany' is consistent with our expansion into Latin America, Malaysia, China, Russia and the Middle East.


2016 FLOW Instruments celebrates its 35th anniversary
2015 FLOW obtains the license for gaseous hydrogen
2014 our LNG Dispensers are introduced into the European market
2013 LNG dispensers are developed in conjunction with Chart's US affiliates
2010 The new generation of metering systems, the Flowcom 3000, is established. It contains options for data transfer and a data storage (datalogger) for more than 3000 fill-ups. The Flowcom 3000 is equipped with a colored graphical display and is operated intuitively. It is the best solution for the measuring of cryogenics worldwide.
2008 FLOW becomes part of Chart Industries. Our metering systems are first used to measure AdBlue
2003 liquid hydrogen becomes the latest cryogenic liquid that can be reliably measured with FLOW systems
2000 enhancement and licensing of Flowcom 2000 for propane and butane
1999 development of our first mastermeter for the calibration of flow metering systems
1998 the Flowcom 2000 is launched heralding a new generation of metering systems
1994 launch of CO2 tanks (CarboMatic) and CO2 delivery units (MiniBulk Distribution Systems) for supplying restaurants, swimming pools and breweries
1991 the company relocates to Solingen with 20 employees
1983 the first metering systems for liquid air gases (LIN, LOX, LAR) are sold
1981 FLOW Instruments GmbH is founded in Duesseldorf